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William Engstrom, phototelegrapher

Welcome to my photographic website. Cameras have been a hobby for 76 years, and I have tried almost every format. Digital interests began 18 years ago, and that is now the only medium I use, and the Web is my only method of display. It is wonderful being able to share images immediately and everywhere.

This album template was designed to be as simple as possible and readable with many browsers. It behaves like a circular slide tray, rotating both directions with the left and right arrow buttons. The current day is always displayed whenever you connect.

Much has happened since this self-portrait was taken with my first digital camera. Today, it is usually an iPod touch or an iPhone SE, and my latest computer is a 21.5-inch iMac. The picture shows a corner of my other hobby, amateur radio.

Earlier artwork may be enjoyed through my Archives page, which has been online continuously since 1995. White words that brighten are hyperlinks.

All photographs are my original creation and property, for you to enjoy only on my website. You may print a favorite photo to admire at home, but permission is NOT granted to "pin" my copyrighted artwork to any social network. Instead, please enter through my front door, and you may invite your friends to do likewise by linking specifically to:

Thank you for visiting. Come back soon.

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