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A Place to Rest
Delaware & Raritan Canal, Kingston
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Morse Code
Perhaps you have wondered about my blog name. Phototelegraphy is an actual word that was once used to describe what we now commonly call fascimile or fax. I am a "photo-telegrapher" because one hobby is taking pictures, the other is amateur radio. So, I know and use Morse code, dot-and-dash.

My links have a short list of "exemplary blogs." I read a great many more each day, but these few consistently stand out in my mind as being the best in terms of format, artistry, and content. If the list were not somewhat alphabetical, Voice of Martyrs would come first.

About a month ago, VOM ran a post about Morse code that really caught my attention. Rather than quote, please click the archives and read it for yourselves. These isolated prisoners were able to learn about Jesus' saving love, in a most unlovely situation, by a most unusual method.

After a week when we have enjoyed a thankful season of family gratitude, there is a desperate lesson that needs tapping out in our own hearts. There are those less fortunate in their freedom for faith, and our supportive prayers are a necessary, abundant gift to believers who are cruelly persecuted. This is my reminder to make The Voice of the Martyrs also your daily reminder.

Split Rail Gold
Pettoranello Gardens

Judd and Kristin spent last Thanksgiving weekend at his parents' home in West Virginia. Upon arrival, a tale was told about a friend whose headlights had found a tiny kitten wandering a country road at night, and the undernourished, ill orphan was in a cardboard box in the garage awaiting an unknown future. Judd and Kristin quickly accepted the situation as an inescapable responsibility.

So, Kona rode home in Kristin's lap, and that began a month of isolated, medical care until we were sure it was safe to introduce her to the other three. As expected, Heidi and Polly hissed and ignored, but Calvin quickly considered Kona his little sister and joined our task of showing the newest family member what our household was all about.

Throughout spring and summer, Kona grew to be Miss Curiosity, and, being so small, no crevice excaped her explorations. My favorite photo is of her looking and listening. All our pets are "indoor," so the windows are their world, and their monitoring goes on continually.

Kona has become unusually affectionate, and I am sure she appreciates the care we have provided. If I cup my hand on the sofa, Kona will nestle her little head in my palm and purr herself to sleep. Calvin and Kona are best friends, real buddies, but, mind you, there is a considerable size difference, so play often becomes rough enough to warrant time-out.

Now that you have met our complete cast of characters, you will know who is who and can follow the antics that will probably occupy this blog during the confining months between fall colors and spring blossoms.

Green and Orange
Behind Pettoranello Lake

William Engstrom - November 25, 2006